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Frequently Asked Questions
Virtual Furnishing is the art of developing beautifully furnished properties with the aid of 3D computer software. Here, we put pictures of real furniture into the photos of the vacant room to give the warm and inviting look. We use our skills and technical knowhow to make the images appear real.
Virtual Furnishing helps the potential buyer or renter to visualize the property with furnishings and helps in their decision making. It stimulates the right desire in their minds and improves saleability or rent-ability factor of the property.
Traditional home staging was a tedious process that involved moving real furnishings into the property, placing them and clicking photographs. Here clients would incur huge costs creating even a couple of different arrangements. Virtual furnishing is done using computer tools and allows the digital artists to create different furnishing arrangements for the same room consequently improving the odds. It doesn’t involve any physical moment of furniture and props.
Virtual furnishing has become an accepted norm in the real estate market and hence disclosing it in your listing won’t affect your chances of converting your lead into a sale. Buyers love to see how their potential rooms would look with furnishings over empty rooms, which is why we encourage you to disclose that it has been virtually furnished.
‘The Sky is the limit’ as far as our property enhancement services are concerned. From the furniture in the room to the artwork and the table top souvenirs, we work on every detail that would increase the appeal of your property. If you have a unique idea in your mind we shall translate it to reality. However, we will not alter the structural features of the property.
If the photographs of your property have some furniture that makes it appear dull and boring, our experts can easily remove and replace them with virtual furnishing. This would immediately increase the appeal of your property. We also work on lighting and viewing angles that can further enhance your property’s appeal.
Our Dusk to Dawn Real Estate Enhancement service involves changing the background of the photo, creating images of the property during different times of the day.
Floor plan is a crucial value addition to any real estate website and helps to sell your property easily. It provides accurate overview of the entire property and help buyers to visualize the flow of the property which leads to their purchasing decisions.If you don’t have a professionally designed floor plan ready, you can send us a sketched floor plan and we can turn it into a professional floor plan.
Our pricing is highly competitive, and we offer volume discount up to 15%.
We have a simple online order submission process. Just create an account, login, upload your photo with instruction and proceed with payment. An email will be sent to you when the photo is ready for you to download.
Resolution of images directly reflects on the quality of output. We encourage our clients to send high-resolution copies of their property, however, we can also work on low resolution photos.
Our aim is to deliver you quality images by being transparent. We do not alter the structural features of the property and encourage our clients to disclose that the property has been virtually furnished.
Apart from 3D floor plans which could take longer, we deliver your work in between 24 - 48 hours after the payment has been confirmed.
No, we can work on photos from your smart phone. However, professional photos will give a much higher quality output. These photographs would improve your odds and offer us the perfect base to create high-resolution and realistic representation of your property.
We make all efforts to deliver quality work and meet your expectations. If you aren’t happy with our work, get in touch with our team with your feedback highlighting your problem and we would rework on it to satisfy your needs.
As a client centric company, we offer you unlimited free revisions if our team isn’t able to meet your expectations. However these free revisions are subject to the initial instructions given to us while placing the order. Any additional inputs would chargeable and won’t qualify for free revisions.
If we aren’t able to deliver work to your complete satisfaction prior to you, the customer, downloading the photo, you are eligible for 100% refund of your payment.
Yes, we cater to clients all over the globe. We have catered to the needs of real estate, ecommerce as well as individual clients from different parts of the world.
No, as a customer you have complete ownership of the copyright over the final product. You can use it across different mediums as long as you want.
You will receive an email with a link for down loading the photos. The process is easy and simple and involves no hassle.
We have devised a five-step hassle-free work process where you upload photographs, type in instructions, order our services, make payment and download the finished image from our website.
We accept payments via all major credit cards. Your processing would commence when payment has been received.
Yes, we would be able to change the background of your photograph and replace it with a background of your choice. Our experts would seamlessly blend the foreground with a new background.